Terms of Sale



The following terms and conditions (“Conditions of Sale”) shall apply to all sales relating to roof top tents (for vehicles) hereinafter referred to as the “Products” which the “Customer” can order from Autohome USA, Inc. headquartered in Carson City, Nevada hereinafter referred to as “Autohome USA”; “Autohome North America” or “the Seller”, by accessing the Internet site identified by the autohomeus.store.com domain name (the “website” ). These Conditions of Sale apply exclusively to purchases made directly on the Website. The Conditions of Sale applicable to orders placed via the Website are the conditions in effect when the order is placed. When you click the “accept” box in the order confirmation section of the Website, before placing your order, you confirm that you have fully read, understood, and accept the Conditions of Sale. If you reject the Conditions of Sale, you will not be able to order any product on the Website.

The consumer’s acceptance of the Conditions of Sales, together with the description of the features of each supplied product you can find on the website, will automatically determine the fulfillment of the information obligations provided for before the conclusion of the contract, in compliance with the principles of fairness, loyalty and good faith, in order to guarantee the consumer full protection. Whoever intends to use the website is also required to accept the Privacy Policy conditions, which are considered an integral part of these Conditions of Sale.


The sales offer and the sale of the products which can be found on this site are intended exclusively for persons residing or domiciled in the United States of America. Please note that in transactions outside of the United States of America, the sales price does not include VAT, taxes, and duties that will be charged to the Customer and will be calculated and charged to the Customer by the competent authorities. Shipping costs never include charges for the fulfillment of obligations related to the customs clearance of the products; the Customer will pay VAT and duties at the time of delivery. Moreover, costs related to the storage of goods beyond the terms are not included in the sales price. Purchases may only be made by persons who

  • have reached the age of majority (eighteen years in the United States of America)
  • have the legal capacity to enter into contracts; in case of minors or persons not legally able to enter into a contract, a parent or legal guardian must enter into an order on their behalf and accept these Terms of Sale. Any orders placed in breach of these provisions will be declared null and void. It is only possible to proceed with a purchase after registering on the website.


All orders placed on the Website are subject to availability and acceptance by Autohome USA, which reserves the right to modify the range of articles offered on the Website without notice. The Customer Service and the product pages on the Website provide all the information relating to the products and their availability.

If the products selected by the Customer are wholly or partially unavailable, the Seller shall inform the Customer.  In the event of payment, the Seller shall refund the price paid and the order shall be deemed canceled. If the Customer wishes to maintain their order and wait in queue for inventory to be available, the Customer will make the Seller aware that they agree to a Backorder or Special Order status and the Seller shall fulfill the order when the inventory is available.


To place an order on the Website, the Customer will be required to register and, in particular, to provide valid and up-to-date personal information, including name, surname, residential address, postcode, tax code, and e-mail address. This information is necessary for the correct management of the purchase; we, therefore, invite the Customer to provide accurate and truthful information.

The Seller and the manager of the site are exempt from any liability for any personal information not corresponding to the truth.


If you wish to place orders on the Website, the order placed will be handled as specified below. The information relating to the products, with the relevant codes, is available on the website with reference to each product present therein. Before proceeding with the purchase, the user must register on the site by filling in the “Customer card”. Once registered, the Customer may proceed to choose the Products. The Customer must then click on “purchase online” to add the Product to the selection and proceed with the purchase and in the same way add further Products to the cart. The Customer may view, change, and integrate the data before completing the order, or eliminating one or more products from the cart.

Before proceeding to the purchase of the Products, through the transmission of the order form, the Customer will be asked to carefully read the Conditions of Sale. Under NO circumstances will our liability exceed the amount of the original sale.

The order form will be filed in the database of the Seller. for the period necessary to process orders. The Customer will be asked, at the time of completing the purchase, to provide other personal information, including the billing address, the shipping address if different from the billing address, the tax code and payment details. The Customer guarantees that all personal information provided is true and correct, indemnifying and holding the Seller harmless from any liability. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for further information on how the company, Autohome USA, Inc. uses and how long it keeps the personal information provided. The order will have to be accepted by Autohome by means of an “order confirmation”.


  • By placing a Pre-Order for the new Autohome® roof tent models, you are reserving a product that is not yet available for general sale in North America. The Pre-Order process allows you to secure your purchase before the product is officially released and available. Out of an abundance of caution, we recommend that if you have a planned trip with a set departure date before September 2024, we recommend you order a tent currently in stock as we cannot guarantee your tent will arrive before your departure date.
  • Payment:
    • Payment Authorization: By placing a Pre-Order, you authorize Autohome USA to charge your credit card or payment method for the full amount of the Pre-Order, including any applicable sales tax and delivery fees.
    • Payment Processing: Your payment will be processed immediately upon placing the Pre-Order to secure your reservation.
  • Order Confirmation:
    • Confirmation Email: Once your Pre-Order is successfully placed and your payment is processed, you will receive an email confirmation with your reservation details.
  • Release Date:
    • Estimated Release Date: Late summer 2024 – The release date for the Autohome® tent models is an estimate and may be subject to change, delay or cancelation. Autohome USA will make reasonable efforts to fulfill orders by the estimated arrival date but is not liable for unforeseen delays or product cancellations.
  • Cancellation and Refund:
    • Cancellation by Customer: Pre-Orders can be canceled before the product has shipped from the factory in Italy. To cancel, please contact our customer service team at sales@autohomeus.com or 888.852.2359. A cancellation fee of 20% will apply.
    • Refund Process: Refunds for canceled Pre-Orders will be processed within 15 days from the date the written cancellation is received and processed, your will be refunded in the same manner as payment as your purchase was made.  It may take an additional 1-7 business days for your financial institution to reflect the credit back onto your account and we will direct you to contact your bank.
  • Product Availability:
    • Limited Quantities: Pre-Orders are subject to product availability. In some cases, due to unexpected demand or production issues, Autohome USA may be unable to fulfill all Pre-Orders. In such cases, refunds will be issued in accordance with our Refund Process above.
  • Price Changes:
    • Price Adjustment: The Pre-Order price at time of purchase is final and will not be subject to any changes, regardless of any subsequent price adjustments, before the product is released in the United States.
  • Communication:
    • Updates: Autohome USA may provide updates on the status of Pre-Orders through email or other communication channels. It is your responsibility to keep your contact information with Autohome USA up-to-date and to ensure your email filter settings are set to allow email notifications from admin@autohomeus.com and sales@autohomeus.com
  • Shipping and Delivery:
    • Shipping Schedule: Autohome USA will make reasonable efforts to ship Pre-Ordered products in accordance with the estimated arrival date. Actual delivery times may vary depending on your location and current freight times.
  • Acceptance of Terms:
    • By placing a Pre-Order with Autohome USA, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions.


All prices reported on the website’s product pages do not include shipping costs, freight costs, taxes, or other charges that will be added, which the Customer will bear.

It should be remembered that in transactions outside of the United States of America, the sales price does not include:

VAT, taxes, and duties, which are the responsibility of the Customer and will be requested and calculated by the competent authorities. Shipping costs never include charges for the fulfillment of obligations relating to the customs clearance of the product; the Customer will pay VAT and duties at the time of delivery. Moreover, any cost relating to the storage of goods are excluded from the sale price.

The payment currency used for the purchase transaction is the US Dollar. The Seller is not liable for currency differences in the event of purchases and/or refunds of the price paid for the sale in foreign currency. In the event of currency conversion, the Seller and/or the Manufacturer are not liable for the difference between the value of the initial payment and the value of the corresponding refund; risks associated with currency exchange and differences in value due to exchange rate fluctuations within the transaction lie solely and exclusively with the Customer.




For rooftop tent freight shipments within the contiguous United States; states which are located on the North American continent south of the U.S. border with Canada, plus the District of Columbia. 

The freight shipping costs for Small, Small X-long, Medium and Medium X-Long Roof Tents will be determined as follows for the Contiguous United States:

Zone A Western United States $ 700.00
Zone B Central United States $ 750.00
Zone C Eastern United States $ 800.00
Zone D Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and Mexico Contact us
Zone E Land Rover x Autohome Defender Tent $ 600.00


The freight shipping costs for  Large and X-Large Roof Tents will be determined as follows for the Contiguous United States:

Zone F Large and X-Large Oversized Tents $ 1100.00


Zone A:   Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington State, Wyoming

Zone B:   Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas

Zone C:   Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Washington D.C., Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin

Zone D:   Alaska, Hawaii, Canada & Mexico

Zone E:   Land Rover x Autohome Defender Tent ships for $600.00 within the contiguous United States

Zone F:   Large and X-Large Oversized Roof Tent ships for $1100.00 within the contiguous United States due to the size of the item

Freight shipping costs and services encompass the delivery of your rooftop tent to your residence or a commercial location. The freight carrier is contracted to transport the item from the freight truck to the start of your driveway, parking lot, or loading dock. Please note that the contracted services DO NOT include inside delivery, garage delivery, installation services, or the removal of pallet and packaging materials.  If you require any additional services please contact us for a personalized quote. 

We are dedicated to collaborating with you to address any concerns.  Please contact us at sales@autohomeus.com or 888.852.2359 for shipping quotes involving multiple tents to one address or for addresses not specified in a zone above. 

Please reach out to us immediately should you encounter any delivery issues or have any questions regarding the installation or use of your tent.


All products are packed in a sturdy cardboard box with internal protections, surrounded by a protective crate. Goods are sold Freight On Board (“FOB”), which means that once the carrier picks up the Product from the Autohome USA Warehouse or an Authorized Seller, Autohome USA and the Authorized Seller is no longer responsible for the Product.


Before accepting the goods at the destination, please make sure the packaging is intact; if you find tampered packaging, missing packages, or damage to the crate, tent, or cardboard box, declare and report it on the transport documents, having the carrier countersign the notes for acknowledgment of receipt prior to the driver leaving.


Due to insurance protocols, Autohome USA is not able to accept delayed reports or complaints pertaining to delivery. These must be noted on the delivery paperwork and must include the receiver’s signature as well as the signature of the delivery driver.

We do not accept late reports or complaints.


It is the responsibility of the recipient signing for the received Product to inspect and note any and all problems before the delivery person leaves the property. Before taking delivery, make sure the packaging is undamaged. If any packaging cases are missing, damaged, or appear to be tampered with, take photos, report this on the transport document and ask
the person making the delivery to sign the report before accepting the goods. Failure to do will impact the ability to make a claim to the insurance company for damages.

Autohome USA cannot be held responsible for damage noticed after the delivery has been accepted and signed for. If unreported damage is discovered, Autohome USA will assist you in contacting the freight company, but you must call the freight inspector, and you must file the claim. Ultimately, it is the freight company’s responsibility to deliver the shipment in good condition. It is the consignee’s responsibility to inspect and sign for the Product and note any damage. If you have a neighbor sign for the shipment, they are acting on your behalf and should follow the same accepting procedure. Deliveries without the accessories ordered or other missing items (due to their non-availability in the Warehouse) shall not give rise to disputes or claims of any kind. If the goods are not accepted, all the expenses arising shall be borne by the Customer.

Shipments outside of the contiguous United States; to include Alaska, Hawaii, and all off-shore U.S. territories and possessions, such as Puerto Rico:

Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories:  Please contact us at sales@autohomeus.com or +1 888.852.2359 for a direct shipping quote.

Countries outside of the United States:  Please contact us at sales@autohomeus.com or +1 888.852.2359 for direct assistance.

Autohome® fiberglass shells are handcrafted products manufactured through accurate manual techniques; therefore, it is possible to have weight variations, in the range of 10 %.  The Autohome logo and product decal may vary from the product images on our website depending on available materials during the manufacturing process, this does not affect the functionality of the product and is not cause for the return of goods. Replacement decals may be purchased directly from Autohome USA/Autohome North America by contacting us at sales@autohomeus.com


If, within thirty (30) days of purchase, you wish to return or exchange your tent for any reason, we will exchange it for another model or refund your money, less a 10% restocking fee. The tent must be received in new, merchantable condition. This satisfaction guarantee does not include shipping, crating, or additional charges for upgrading to a higher-priced model. The refund will include only the price paid for the returned items, less the restocking fee. Any additional or higher shipping costs required to return the Product shall be borne by the Customer, as well as any duties and costs relating to the storage of goods. Please note that the return is understood to have been executed upon completion of the return and delivery of the Product to Autohome USA. The responsibility for returning the Product lies with the Customer.

The return shall be deemed to have been properly exercised if the following conditions are fully met:

  • a notice is sent by e-mail to request a Return Authorization Number from Autohome USA within thirty (30) calendar days from the date on which the Customer received the Product, containing all the required information;
  • the Product must not have been used or damaged; We do not accept returns of used goods;
  • Product must be returned in its original wrapping and in the packaging received by the Customer.

After Autohome USA has received the return and checked that all requirements have been met, Autohome USA will send an e-mail confirming the acceptance of the returned goods and issue a corresponding Return Authorization Number. The refund will be activated as soon as possible and, in any case, within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the returned goods. The Authorized Seller will make the

refund referred to in the first paragraph using the same payment system chosen by the Customer on their initial purchase. Autohome USA and the Authorized Seller may withhold the refund until they have received the return of the Product or until the Customer has proved that they have returned the Product. The Customer is responsible for the return and shipping of the Product, for any decrease in the Product value resulting from its handling, use, or for any tampering and/or misuse that causes damage to the item.

The return procedure is considered completed upon receipt by the Customer of the return of funds minus a 10% restocking fee if applicable.


In order to make use of the Warranty without the need to supply additional documentation, the Customer is required to register the Warranty on the website under the link “Warranty registration”.


If the Customer has not registered the Warranty, they must produce a copy of the invoice and/or a purchase receipt or a valid document proving the payment.


For further information and assistance on the Site or on how to purchase online, the Customer may contact Autohome USA, Inc. at the following e-mail address sales@autohomeus.com or admin@autohomeus.com.  Phone number (888) 852-2359.

Write to the company at the following address:

Autohome USA                                                                                        

411 West Third Street Suite 1                                                                       

Carson City, Nevada 89703