Jumping into Spring - Autohome USA updates and news

Jumping into Spring - Autohome USA updates and news

First and foremost on behalf of all of us at Autohome USA I wanted to extend a thank you to our customers, agencies, friends, media, and brand ambassadors for helping us prepare Autohome USA to achieve our goal of helping tent users experience the worlds first & only professional grade roof-top tent.  

There are so many milestones we have achieved in the last year, and so many more to come!

In 2021 we took the reins from Autohome USA founder Mike Spies with a goal of increasing the availability of tents to our customers in the US, Canada, and Mexico

In the summer of 2021 we expanded the dealer network in the United States with folks like  Nomad Ventures and then into Canada with excellent shops like  West Coast Offroaders in Vancouver BC 

In late Summer 2021 we launched our Autohome USA Brand Ambassador program working with great people like @957adventure out pushing the limits of roof-top-tent use 

In late Fall of 2021 our East Coast distribution partner OK4WD kept inventory rolling out to customers while we closed our old warehouse facility and setup a new distribution center with ten-times the space of our previous operation giving us room to grow

By the end of 2021 Authome USA had more than tripled our in stock inventory of tents.  We have hundreds of hand-made tents ready for fulfillment across North America from our new distribution facility 

At the beginning of 2022 www.autohomeus.store was born, allowing customers and dealers access to live inventory and quotes with the ability to purchase in-stock or special order items any time day or night

This spring autohomeus.com was re-launched with a complete redesign to make it easier to discover more detailed and relevant information about the excellent product lines we offer.

Recently the Authome USA team was on-site with Autohome Italy reviewing product design and development (There are really inspiring new things coming that I am personally excited to see in use in 2023 and 2024)


     Despite the economic challenges we are all facing through inflation, materials sourcing challenges, fuel pricing, and shipping costs at record highs; we see the long term value of the best made equipment more relevant than ever.  As roof tent-users in North America become more experienced, we are seeing a shift of campers looking for roof tents that are built to handle more nights and worse conditions than any of the copy-cat product offerings that just can't match the durability, materials, or fit & finish of an Autohome tent.  

It is the work with all our fantastic customers and staff that will continue to see us grow in 2022 and beyond.  Encouraging action by supporting communities and groups through sponsorship is part of our DNA and we continue to contribute through folks like Northwest Overland Society.  Participating in more than ten shows and events in the US and Canada this summer I encourage you to come by and see us in person at Overland Expo or the Overland Adventure Rallies events.  We are always open to your comments, suggestions, or questions.  Please reach out to us and let us know how we can help you camp better.  


Thank you again for your support!

Brian Hall

CEO - Authome USA

visit us at www.autohomeus.com