High Tech AIRTEX® Fabric


Condensation is a natural phenomenon in a campsite tent. When the outside temperature falls below the temperature inside the tent, the moisture in the air condenses on the inside walls of the tent in the form of water droplets. This usually happens in the evening, at night, or at high altitudes when the fabric is coldest.

On the basis of many years of experience with the best materials, Autohome has chosen high-quality Airtex® for its new Airlander Plus 360° X-Large, Air-Sky 360°, Grand Tour 360° and Airtop 360° models. Airtex® is extremely versatile and waterproof. It transmits water vapor rapidly, removing it from inside the tent. 



Transmission speed: 440g/mq/24hrs

Airtex® is a fabric that does not trap water vapor inside the tent but removes it naturally as opposed to plasticized polyester, which is airtight and therefore creates moisture and condensation.  Airtex® is a type of mesh fabric that is made of 100% polyester. It has a very open weave, which allows for maximum breathability and ventilation. 


Fabric quality evaluation to ISO Standards :

Tent fabric cannot be solely waterproof, as it would be unsuitable for camping; one of its main properties must be breathability, allowing every bit of fabric to contribute to the natural exchange of air. This basic principle should be adhered to, especially in environments with limited air volumes, such as a tent, to prevent condensation from forming. It is impossible to eliminate condensation entirely during use, as many factors contribute to it. There will be climate and usage circumstances when it is necessary to utilize a tent opening to reduce condensation build-up while in use. 

To scientifically evaluate a fabrics qualities, subject to its uses, one must consider the following:

1. The ratio between impermeability (maximum column of water the fabric is resistant to, according to ISO 811) and breathability (air permeability according to ISO 9237), calculated with reference to dimensions and inner volumes of the tents (habitable area) and area (in square metres) of the textile surface: basic criteria for a healthy environment.
2. Specific purpose of the fabric: for example the tents roof or side walls, including stresses and movement the fabrics are subject to as well as weather and climatic influences.
3. Stretch (ISO 5081), and tear-resistance (ASTM D1424)
4. Color Stability (ISO 105B04) taking into consideration weather and climatic conditions, including the reaction of a combination of fabrics and threads.
5. Light Resistance (ISO 105B02) effectiveness against direct sunlight and artificial lighting.
6. Weight (ISO 3801) of fabric for suitable waterproofing, not forgetting the tents weight/volume ratio when folded for transport or open for use.
7. Cleaning and Maintenance: including the resistance to dirt and mildew.

Another very important factor is the transmission rate of the water vapor through the fabric, which should not be lower than 350 g/m²/24hrs. Only high breathability and excellent water vapor transmission rate can effectively limit moisture forming inside the tent, thus keeping your environment fresh and healthy. 






There are roof tents on the market that do not have any real product certification. Beware of certifications such as ISO 9001 that some sellers advertise because they concern the company organization and are not at all a guarantee of the quality and security of the tent you are going to buy.

On the contrary, Autohome roof tents have passed stringent quality tests of the materials used, carried out in the laboratories of qualified Bodies, including the German TÜV.

With Autohome, quality is standard: production is not differentiated. The tents used by experts in the most extreme conditions, explorers, travel professionals, and adventurers are exactly the same as all the others: the highest quality tents from Autohome, with over 65 years of experience, are available to everyone.



5 Year Limited Warranty

CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov