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Maggiolina AirLand roof top tent

The Maggiolina Airland is available in five sizes
  <aggiolina Small Maggiolina Medium Maggiolina Large
  Small—1.3M Medium—1.45M Large—1.6M
Weight 119 lbs. (54 kg) 128lbs. (58 kg) 150lbs. (68 kg)
W x L x H (in./cm)
51” x 83” x 12”
130 x 210 x 30
57” x 83” x 12”
145 x 210 x 30
63” x 85” x 12”
160 x 215 x 92
W x L x H (in./cm)
51” x 83” x 36”
130 x 210 x 92
57” x 83” x 36”
145 x 210 x 92
63” x 85” x 36”
160 x 215 x 92
Fabric Color Grey Grey Grey
Price $2,499* $2,999* $3,199*
Model No. M/09 M/10 M/11
  Small XL Medium XL  
Weight 125 lbs. (57 kg) 137lbs. (62 kg)  
W x L x H (in./cm)
51” x 91” x 12”
130 x 231 x 30
57” x 91” x 12”
145 x 231 x 30
Fabric Color Grey Grey  
Price $3,299* $3,499*  
Model No. M/09X M/10X  
  *Shipping not included    


Maggiolina AirLand - World’s most refined vehicle roof top tent
Our most streamlined roof top tent

Now Available in Extra Long! In response to requests from a number of people, we now offer the Maggiolina AirLand in extra long – with a full 80" useable length on the mattress. The AirLand XL also has the new style 'double door' opening found on the Extreme and Grand Tour.

The AirLand™ is our streamlined answer to high fuel prices. Designed for trekkers who want to travel light, the AirLand is the lowest profile tent in our line-up. Comfort is not compromised. The bottom shell is double fiberglass with foam sandwich for strength and cold weather insulation, and is fitted with a removable, 3-1/2 inch thick closed cell foam mattress. The AirLand is durable, water and dustproof, and suitable for travel in any weather. The lightweight, locking alloy ladder offers stable access and collapses for stowing inside the tent.

Our Fabric
The fabric used in Maggiolina tents is
the finest engineered tenting available
Maggiolina Grey Fabric
  • Breathability allows the respiration of moisture that would otherwise condense inside the tent, causing discomfort and the potential for mildew.
  • Waterproof—no treatment is necessary, the fabric easily sheds water and the tent may be packed for travel—even in rainy or snowy conditions.
  • Fade resistance is assured because the color is built-in before the fabric is woven.
  • Wear, crease and abrasion resistance is assured, the fabric will not shrink or expand in extremes of temperature.
  • The fabric will function perfectly in extremes—from 22 below zero (-30° C) to 160° (70° C).
  • The high quality finish offers a smooth touch with maximum sound and light blockin capabilities