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Inside an AutoHome roof top tent camper AutoHome roof top tent camper
Camping with an AutoHome roof top tent AutoHome is a tool for...FUN
AutoHome roof top tent on pick-up Even small cars can be fitted with AutoHome roof top tents
AutoHome roof top tent and Kayak Dual AutoHome roof top tents

AutoHome USA - Suppliers of Roof Top Tent Campers for SUVs, vans, trucks, or cars

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Joel Johnson of Gizmodo borrowed a new Maggiolina Air Top, fitted it to his 100 series Landcruiser, and went traveling.Thanks to Joel for allowing us to use his video to show you the new Maggiolina Air Top in action.    Click here to learn more about the new Air Top

Freedom to go—anywhere, anytime— is the single best reason to own an AutoHome™ roof top tent. For people who enjoy the outdoor world, AutoHome offers the highest quality shelters, crafted in Europe, and proven in use world-wide for fifty years.

An AutoHome roof top tent will always provide a good night’s sleep — anywhere, and in any weather. AutoHome tents are warm and dry, up and away from water, mud, insects, snakes, and other unwelcome intruders, offering unsurpassed comfort and protection from the elements.

Ease of Use
AutoHome roof top tents deploy in seconds, with very little effort. AutoHome is the original roof top tent—perfected and tested since 1958 to offer unparalleled ease of transport, set-up, and use.

AutoHome roof top tents are made with the finest materials obtainable, under strict quality control, and proven in years of use under harsh conditions on six continents. Many of our tents have been in use by their owners for several decades. We back each tent with a guarantee of satisfaction and a five year limited warranty.